Van AuGen

Really simple way to generate your golden vanity addresses.



Van AuGen was created by two developers: Miguel Medeiros and Tiago Salem. Both live in Curitiba/Brazil and are Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The project started from a series of videos that Tiago created developing tools to generate Bitcoin adresses from scratch using NodeJS.
After seeing the videos, Miguel came up with the idea of creating an app to generate vanity (custom) Bitcoin addresses.

After a lot of chats, coding and fun, Van AuGen was finally born!


The name Van AuGen was created using a mix of ideas:

  • Van: for "vanity".
  • AuGen: "eyes" in german.
  • Au: "golden" symbol in the periodic table - rare and precious metal.
  • Gen: for "generator".

This is why we created the following slogan, combining all the ideas:

" Van AuGen generates your golden Bitcoin vanity address! "


We met through our Youtube channels: Miguel's channel and Tiago's channel.
Where we talk mostly about the Bitcoin Protocol. #CryptoUniteUs.
Get more information about the Van AuGen creators:

Miguel Medeiros

Full Stack Developer

Tiago Salem

Back-end Developer


The features are:

  • Generate custom Bitcoin addresses.
  • Option to change the number of cpu cores to be used.
  • Option to enable or disable case sensitive.
  • Option to change the desired text location (beginning or end).
  • Option to change address type: Legacy or Segwit (P2SH)


To make things easy lets follow step by step:

Step 1: Install NodeJS

The only pre-requisite to make Van AuGen work is to have NodeJS installed.
Download the latest version from the official NodeJS website:

Step 2: Download Van AuGen

You may clone the project from the github repository:

git clone .

Or download and extract the files to a folder:

Step 3: Install dependencies

You need to open a terminal and go the the directory you just downloaded on step 2 and type the following command (keep in mind this might take a while):

npm install

Step 4: Start the backend:

Still in the same directory of step 3, run the following command:

npm start

Step 5: Access the frontend:

You must open your brownser at the following URL:


Step 6: Start Gulp (only for developers)

Still in the same directory, execute the following command.



List of libraries used by the project:

  • Express - minimalist web framework for Node.js.
  • Gulp - task automation (concat, livereload, sass, uglify, etc).
  • Bitcoinjs-lib - library with ready-made Bitcoin protocol functions.
  • Eccrypto - library for elliptical curves.
  • Threads - library for thread control.
  • Bootstrap - library to create responsive front end.
  • Jquery Mask - library to create masks in inputs.
  • Jquery Counter - library to create counters.
  • Clipboard JS - library to copy texts.
  • QrCode - library to create QrCodes.
  • Beeper - library to sound a beep when you find the address.


There are two ways to contribute with the project:

Help to code the Van AuGen!
Contribute with code on Github!

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